About the Artist

hawaii-painter_groffart_artshow-03I have always been an artistic hands-on type personality. However my passion for art can be traced to my grandfathers creativity. Coming from Generations of Artist, I found my passion and enthusiam through Art and teaching.

Over these past few years, I have had the chance to meet some truly inspiring people, and I have realized that my crafting and painting is something that could potentially be appreciated by others, and so Paint Your Paradise was created. What started out as a fun, somewhat mindless hobby, became an endeavor. A journey to connect with people around the World and throughout my community in the northshore of Oahu, through my artistic exports.

Artistically, I am drawn to textures, clean yet scatter lines and symmetry. I am also inspired by vibrant, solid colors, all of which can be seen in my designs.

Inspiration strikes me from everywhere: nature;my love for the ocean; friends and loved ones, my son Kapohu; photography; food; music; and anything that provokes emotion. I wake up every day with the goal of finding inspiration, as I believe if you can find that, motivation and happiness will follow naturally. Since becoming a mother I have found my inner light to give, heal, and teach through my Art. As a single mother he has motivated me, and gave me the most uncondtional love I have ever felt in my life.

And so every day, I work tirelessly to contribute to the Universe in the biggest way I (or anyone else for that matter) could possibly imagine, by simply being myself. A giver of Light, love, and happiness through Groff Art.

-Danielle Georgia Groff